Foyer Folk: hanna*h*

hanna*h* is a collaborative project between UK musicians Hanna Knight (vocals and keys) and Tim Haines (guitar and percussion). The duo bring a fantastic set of memorable songs that mix pop, folk, soul and indie. Hanna’s effortless vocals put a unique spin on the whole project, somehow pulling all of these styles together. They’ll make the hairs on your neck stand on end and have you singing along!

Their first album, Atelophobia, has something for everyone and is described as “a collection of musings that journeys through the emotions of life and love” by the duo. Songs such as Jigsaw, Do You Realise? and Lost in Translation are emotional and personal but sit perfectly alongside others; Friday Night and 2.4 which are upbeat reflections on life.

Currently recording their second album, as yet untitled, the pair have honed their skills and promise to deliver more catchy tunes with heartfelt lyrics. Their songs tell a story – you have to hear them to understand.

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Foyer Folk will be taking place on the second Saturday of each month. Please check our website and Facebook/Twitter pages for details of future performers and ticket prices.

Saturday 10 February - 8.00pm

Tickets: £2.00 on the door