Driving Madeleine (15)

This charming drama follows 92-year-old Madeleine (Line Renaud), who calls a taxi to take her to the retirement home where she will be living.

Charles (Dany Boon), a disillusioned driver with a tender heart, agrees to drive by the places that affected Madeleine’s life. Through the streets of Paris, her extraordinary past is revealed.

They don’t know it yet, but they will forge a friendship during this drive that will change their lives forever.

Join us before the Thu 11 Jan screening at the French Language Café in The Foyer.

Directed by Christian Carion.

Thursday 11 January - 7.30pm; Wednesday 17 January - 2.00pm

Tickets: £9.00 (£8.50), Daytime £8.00 (£7.50)
(plus 80p per ticket if booked online)

1hr 30mins, French with subtitles