Foyer Folk: Hennesea

Malvern-based folk-rock band Hennesea mix a dash of funk, a pinch of European folk and a sprinkle of rock and roll to create a sound that’s both familiar yet delightfully novel. Fronted by the songwriting wizardry of Anna Watts, they’ve transformed from a humble duo to a captivating force, winning hearts with their music and enthusiastic live shows.

“Hennes,” meaning “hers” in Swedish, hints at their origin story: a musical journey driven by Anna’s passion for creating music that connects. If you crave a band that blends genres seamlessly, delivering raw energy and heartfelt lyrics, look no further than Hennesea. They’re proof that sometimes, the “hers” becomes an “ours,” uniting audiences through the power of music.


Fri 3 – Thu 9 May open for priority booking for Friends of Number 8 only. On general sale from Fri 10 May onwards.

Saturday 15 June - 8.00pm

Tickets: £12.00
(plus £1.20 if booked online)