Orchestra of the Swan: Earthcycle

Earthcycle contemplates humanity’s impact on Earth’s environment and the disruption of its natural rhythms. Vivaldi’s pioneering quartet of programmatic concerti, written almost 300 years ago, is performed alongside a newly commissioned version by baroque/jazz musician and composer David Gordon and interspersed with traditional songs by folk artist Jackie Oates.

Enhanced by discreet lighting and specially created contextual footage Earthcycle highlights the 21st Century’s greatest concert whilst celebrating nature and our place within it.

Spring Song 1
David Gordon – Spring
Spring Song 2
Vivaldi – Primavera

Summer Song 1
D Gordon – Summer
Summer Song 2
Vivaldi – Summer

Autumn Song 1
D Gordon – Autumn
Autumn Song 2
Vivaldi – Autumn

Winter Song 1
D Gordon – Winter
Winter Song 2
Vivaldi – Winter

Keyboard: David Gordon
Voice: Jackie Oates
Director: David Le Page

Friday 10 February - 7.30pm

Tickets: £16, 16 & under £10
(plus £1 if booked online)

2hrs (inc interval)