The Old Oak (15)

For what may be his last film, director Ken Loach brings you this story about the landlord (Dave Turner) of the last remaining pub in a run-down village in the Northeast, fighting to hold onto his business.

The Old Oak is a special place. Not only is it the last pub standing, it is the only public space in the village where people can meet. Many young people have moved away, and what was once a thriving and proud mining community struggles to keep old values alive. Anger and resentment bubble beneath the surface of the village and when Syrian refugees are housed in its empty houses, tensions rise.

Holding on to his business by his fingertips, landlord TJ Ballantyne’s grip is endangered even more when The Old Oak becomes contested territory.

“Ken Loach’s fierce final call for compassion and solidarity … a ringing statement of faith in compassion for the oppressed.” The Guardian

Directed by Ken Loach.

Friday 17 November - 2.00pm & 7.30pm

Tickets: £9.00 (£8.50), Daytime £8.00 (£7.50)
(plus 80p per ticket if booked online)

1hr 53mins