Number 8 Volunteers – ‘Not Just Volunteers!’

An exhibition showcasing the work of our multi-talented volunteers who enjoy painting, patchwork and many other clever crafts.

Thursday 18 May - Wednesday 14 June

Glen Drayton – ‘Blooms, Birds & Bees’

Glen’s exhibition showcases depictions of florals, birds, bees and other natural forms expressed as bright, abstract and fun artworks. 

Thursday 25 May - Wednesday 14 June

Cherie Mansfield & Caroline Hall – ‘Linger’

A collection of vibrant abstract and semi-abstract paintings that encourage viewers to linger. While each artist has a distinctive style, this collection is united by a bold use of colour and acrylics.

Thursday 15 June - Wednesday 5 July

Anna Yevtukh – ‘A Language of Books’

A diverse exhibition of Anna’s handmade and handbound books, which are designed with thought and constructed with finesse.

Thursday 15 June - Wednesday 26 July

Alice Malone – ‘A Life in Colour’

This vibrant exhibition of oil paintings includes figurative portraiture, narrative depictions, landscapes and intriguing still life scenes.

Thursday 6 - Wednesday 26 July

Take 3 – ‘Visions’

This exhibition brings together a selection of work from Carol Staines, Jill Hammond and Hilary Keith, 3 likeminded artists, with very different styles.

Thursday 27 July - Wednesday 23 August

Rob Brown – ‘Here Come the Muppets’

This exhibition celebrates over 40 years of Muppet mayhem, presenting a collection of memorabilia as well as special appearances from some of the best-loved characters themselves.

Thursday 27 July - Wednesday 23 August

Number 8 – A Model Arts Centre

Come and marvel at this astonishing recreation of our favourite arts centre, rendered entirely in LEGO® bricks by Andrew Hemming.

Friday 28, Saturday 29 & Monday 31 July, 10.00am - 4.00pm  

Joe McLaren – ‘Unconsidered Earth’

A selection of small scraperboard works and paintings by book illustrator Joe McLaren, featuring pictures of places, both real and imagined.

Thursday 24 August - Wednesday 13 September

Carice Green – Hedgerow Inspirations

Based in rural Worcestershire and inspired by the wildlife and landscape of home, Carice uses traditional screen-printing techniques to create beautiful lampshades, cushions, scarves, mugs and tableware.

Thursday 24 August - Wednesday 4 October