Four Leaf Collective – ‘Taking Inspiration From Nature’

This exhibition features a unique collection of handmade items including ceramic art, hand printed textiles, stained and fused glass, and artisan glass jewellery.

Thursday 10 November - Wednesday 11 January

Jane Arthur – ‘Journeys’

Jane’s exhibition features her latest work in fabric, paper, paint and stitch responding to the changing seasons, revelling in colour, and travelling in real life and in the imagination.

Thursday 17 November - Tuesday 13 December

St. Peter’s Printmakers – ‘Handmade Prints’

A showcase of recent prints from the St. Peter’s Printmakers, featuring relief and intaglio prints as well as screen-prints. 

Wednesday 14 December - Wednesday 11 January

Jane Ware – ‘Fabric from my Mother’s Attic!’

This exhibition showcases Jane’s handcrafted creations, uniquely made from repurposed vintage textiles, linens and lace to produce cushions, crafts, keepsakes, and joyful gifts.

Thursday 12 January - Wednesday 22 February

Brian Gorst – ‘Abstracts’

Brian’s exhibition features a colourful collection of expressive abstract paintings, showcasing his interest in non-figurative picture making.

Thursday 12 January - Wednesday 1 February

Carol-Ann Ricketts – ‘Mindful Journey’

Carol-Ann is taking a year to focus on intentional slow life and the joys of our surroundings, and this exhibition showcases the still life paintings and abstract landscapes she has created during this period.

Thursday 2 - Wednesday 22 February

Alison Jackson – ‘Do You Believe?’

Alison’s exhibition features her collection of unique dolls and puppets created using porcelain, wood or textiles, and often come with elaborate automata stands with handles to be turned.

Thursday 23 February - Wednesday 5 April

Colin Ross Jack – ‘Paintings in Japanese Style’

This exhibition was inspired by Colin’s love of Japanese art and showcases a style based on pure flat colour, and line and pattern.

Thursday 23 February - Wednesday 15 March