Lorraine Bates – ‘Wild Edge of Wenlock’

This new collection from potter Lorraine Bates is the result of a collaboration between Woodsetton Art Pottery and The Lapworth Museum of Geology.

Thursday 16 November - Wednesday 3 January

Sylva O’Dell – ‘Sylva Spirits’

Sylva O’Dell’s watercolour paintings explore the haunting and enchanting side of the natural world in a stained glass window style.

Thursday 23 November - Wednesday 13 December

Phil Cooling – ‘A Subtle Beauty’

A collection of work by fine art photographer Phil Cooling focusing on composition, lighting and atmosphere.

Thursday 14 December - Wednesday 10 January

Tessa Dickson – ‘Colour, Texture, Stitch’

A selection of original textile wall hangings and smaller items created from scraps of fabric, thread and lace.

Thursday 4 January - Wednesday 14 February

Number 8 Open Exhibition 2024

An exhibition showcasing the work of the very best artists and photographers from within and beyond the county of Worcestershire.

Thursday 11 January - Wednesday 7 February

Popi Koutentaki – ‘Love the Earth’

After creating an initial painting, Popi Koutentaki then ‘sets it free’ with drops of acrylic or oil alongside various mediums such as encaustic, egg tempera or clay.

Thursday 8 - Wednesday 28 February

Rob Brown – ‘Retro Dolls’

This extensive exhibition of dolls will take you on a nostalgic journey from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Thursday 15 February - Wednesday 13 March

St Peter’s Printmakers Group – ‘Prints from St Peter’s’

A dynamic and varied selection of original hand-made prints created by members of St. Peter’s Printmakers in Malvern

Thursday 29 February - Wednesday 20 March