Calling for Craft Exhibitors!

We are currently calling for submissions from crafters and artists interested in exhibiting their work in our craft cabinets.

The craft exhibition space consists of 4 display cabinets, in the balcony and foyer area of the centre with a footfall of over 1,000 people per week. The cabinets are equipped with movable glass shelves.


To make a submission please send a few images of the kind of items that will feature in your proposed exhibition or are reflective of your work as a whole. These can be photographs, postcards, or digital images (jpg) saved on a USB or CD or sent via email to

We also need a description of your work and details of your proposed exhibition theme, including:

  • clarification of whether the items in the images submitted will be part of the exhibition or are just general examples of the type of work you produce.
  • the price range of your work (approximately).

Please note that you must have enough work to adequately fill all 4 cabinets. Submissions from duos or groups of artists are welcome. The deadline for submissions is ongoing.

Further information can be downloaded here.