Wheelchair Access
The ground floor of Number 8 including our foyer and coffee bar area; courtyard room and auditorium are all fully wheelchair accessible. Spaces in the first row of seating in the auditorium (Row A) can be booked for wheelchair users and patrons with mobility problems. To avoid disappointment, particularly for popular events such as PODS shows, we recommend that wheelchair seats are booked in advance, this will help us to allocate adjoining seating for any companions, if required. We will make every effort to accommodate customers who have not made a prior booking.

If you wish to take your seat unassisted, wheelchairs or scooters may be parked subject to available space. As space is limited, we cannot guarantee indoor parking space for mobility scooters during shows. If you are planning to bring a scooter, please telephone beforehand to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. Rain covers are available on request for scooters parked outside.

Please contact Box Office if you require further details or if you will require additional assistance during your visit.

Our main toilets in the lobby area and the toilet in our Courtyard Room are adapted for wheelchair use.

Assistance Dogs
We welcome assistance dogs at Number 8 and can accommodate them in the auditorium. Please book in advance so that we can allocate the most appropriate seating.

Assisted Hearing Facilities
The auditorium is equipped with an infra-red hearing system for films and digital/satellite live presentations.  Headsets are available from front of house staff.

We also have the facility to screen films with subtitles for those with hearing loss subject to availability of films with subtitles and audience demand.  Screenings with subtitles for those with hearing loss are indicated by (ST) after the screening time. Please contact our Programme Manager if you would like to find out more about subtitled screenings, or if you would like to organise a subtitled screening for a group.

Audio Description
For films where it is available we offer audio description AD))). Cinema audio description is a fantastic service for people with sight problems. The normal film soundtrack comes through the cinema’s surround sound speakers in the usual way, and a recorded narrator explains what’s happening on screen – in gaps in the dialogue – through personal headphones. It’s similar to listening to a cricket or football match on the radio – having the action described to you – but with added surround sound, which places you in the middle of the action.

About 50% of cinema releases are now available with audio description ‘files’ and we have headsets available free of charge for people to use for films where audio description is available.

Relaxed Screenings
Within the film programme we have a selection of screenings which are designated as Relaxed Screenings. Relaxed screenings are screenings where the environment has been adapted to be more welcoming and accessible to people with additional needs. These could be people living with dementia, autism, or other neurodiverse people. At these screenings low level lighting will be kept on, noise levels will be reduced, there will be no trailers or adverts and customers are free to move around the cinema, or speak or make noise if they want to/feel the need to.

Parents, Guardians and Carers
All ground floor public areas are accessible for those using pushchairs and prams. Baby changing facilities are available. For some screenings we are able to provide storage for buggies and prams during performances.