Auditorium Technical Specification

The technical specification of our auditorium can be found below or to download a pdf click here.

For any queries about technical facilities or equipment contact Allan Brodie on 01386 555028 /


Performing area: 8.5m (W) x 6.8m (D) [27’ x 22’] Grid height: 6m [19’] Wing width: 1.4m (SL & SR) [4 ½’] Dock doors: 1.65m (W) x 2.07m (H) [Standard double fire door] [5’ x 6 ½’] Orchestra Pit: 8m x 1.7m (usually covered) [26’ x 5 ½’]

Stage: Flat Floor, laminate flooring with permanent black Harlequin dance floor surface. Stage is level with first row of seating.

Crossover: Dressing room corridor at immediate rear of stage

Get in: At side of building, straight on to SR of stage

Stage Management:
2 x Dressing rooms behind stage, both with WC and one with shower
Stage and backstage areas accessible to disabled performers and staff

Prompt corner: DSL

1 x 63A 3 Phase RCD protected socket on SR wall
5 x 13A RCD protected twin sockets around perimeter of stage
6 x 16A RCD protected independent sockets at SR ends of LX bars

Equipment (including Drapery):
8 2m x 1m Cameo aluminium platforms
8 sets of legs @ 570mm height for above
2 sets of treads for above

4 x TecPro beltpack & single ear headset
1 x TecPro MS-721 master station (in control room)

House tabs (black velvet, full) operated from prompt corner
Mid stage tabs (black serge, flat) operated from MSL
Rear wall tabs (black serge, full) manual – primarily used for black backdrop/framing of cyc

Masking: Side black legs (serge) creating full black box

Cyc: White cyclorama available upon request

5 x Lighting bar 500kg max load (no point loading)
1 Hemp fly bar (48mm tube) adjacent to rear wall


Operating positions:
Control Room (NB behind glass)
Auditorium right balcony

In House PA:
2 x RCF PA152 350W Full-range speakers (FOH Left & Right)
2 x DAP Audio AX-10 Speakers (Centre cluster)
2 x DAP Audio P-900 300W stereo power amplifiers
2 x DCA-1050 500W stereo power amplifiers

Soundcraft GB4 16 channel mixing desk (balcony position)
Mackie CFX20 audio mixer (control room)

2 x JBL JRX112M stage monitor speakers
2 x DAP Audio AX-12M stage monitor speakers

1 x Yamaha Q2031B dual 31 band graphic equaliser
1 Denon DCD-685 compact disc player with pitch control
1 Sony MDS-JE480 MiniDisc player/recorder

2 x Beyer Dynamic TG-X48 vocal microphone
4 x Shure SM58 vocal microphone
4 x DAP PL-08 vocal microphone (SM-58 type)
4 x DAP PL-07 instrument microphone (SM-57 type)

Radio Microphones:
4 x Sennheiser EW112 G3 lapel system (radio mic + receiver)
4 x Sennheiser SKM 145 G3 handheld mics for above system
[NB 4 handheld or 4 clip-on (or combination there of) only]

6 x Behringer dual channel active DI box
10 microphone stands with boom
4 low/floor instrument microphone stands


Control Equipment:
Strand 300 series desk (175 channels, 24 submasters)
2 Strand LD90 Dimmer Racks (48 x 2.5kW)
1 Zero 88 Betapack Dimmer (dedicated to FOH bar)
Optional ADB microrack dimmer pack (12 x 2.5kw)
[NB This uses the onstage 63A socket SR] Lighting usually operated from control room at rear of auditorium

48 channels spread across 5 overhead bars plus FOH side perches
6 additional channels dedicated to FOH bar at rear of auditorium
(weight restrictions apply)
Grid & Lighting plan pdf available on request

Lantern Stock:
6 x Strand SL 600W 15/32 zoom profile
[all permanently rigged on vertical FOH side perches] 6 x ADB Europe DW105 1200W 18/30 zoom profile
[4 permanently rigged on rear FOH bar] 6 x Strand SL 23/50 600W profile
6 x Strand Cantata 1200W fresnel
5 x ADB F101 1200W 15/39 fresnel
12 x Par 64 Parcan with CP62 1000W wide lamps
8 x Strand Prelude 650W fresnel
4 x Strand Quartet 650W fresnel
5 x Strand Quartet 650W PC
4 x Strand Coda 4 (4 x 500W) Cyc / floodlights

2 x Robert Juliat Buxie 575W 10/22 hot re-strike with Telrad sights

We provide colour frames and barndoors (where appropriate) for all stock lanterns
Visiting companies to provide all colour filter, gobos and gobo holders.